A Beautiful Gesture From A True Friend, Glenn Beck

By Jerome S. Kaufman

One can’t help but wonder the reaction of the mainstream media if a killing squad of Israeli Jews had in the dead of night cut into the protective wiring surrounding an isolated peaceful Arab village and cut the throats, while they slept, of an innocent husband, his wife and three of their children – age 11. 4 and 3 months?

The New York Times. Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, CBS, NBC, ABC, NPR, etc. etc. would have the story all over the front page for a week plus gruesome pictures and endless condemnation editorials. And, in that case, rightfully so. But, what happened when exactly that occurred on March 11, 2011, with Israeli Jews on the receiving end of these brain-washed, insane Arab fanatics taught since infancy to kill Jews? Not very much. The story barely made the innermost pages of these papers and only a momentary mention was made on the various Left wing TV and radio networks and gone within 1-2 days. Naturally even these abbreviated news items were accompanied by the usual countering garbage excusing these horrendous inhuman acts with some sort of moral equivalency and just another incident in the cycle of violence.

Only one problem – Jews and Israelis have never been party to such inhumane acts. Israelis have responded with military not terrorist incursions, only after full warning to the civilian population. The incursions have alway been to eliminate military and terrorist locations repeatedly harassing Israeli civilian populations. Individual isolated acts of violence, and never of this sickening nature, are immediately condemned by the Israeli government and the perpetrators brought to trial and punished. Unlike the Arabs, the names of these rare, if any, perpetrators are not eulogized in the Israeli media, in the schools or have streets and sport teams named after them.

Glenn Beck, to his great credit, took notice of the grossly uneven and unfair coverage of this awful massacre and produced a beautiful memorial program of his own. It was just shown on Fox TV, on what Glenn respectfully called Shabbat eve, Friday, March 18, 2011. He related the despicable Arab killings of the Fogel family in Israel. He then thoughtfully had a rabbi on the program to explain the importance of candles and hope generated by light, in the Jewish tradition. He had the rabbi explain the significance of the memorial candle (the Yar ziet candle) and asked every one in the nation-wide viewing audience to please light a candle to commemorate the slain Fogel family.
My candle is still burning.

Jerome S. Kaufman, Editor

Please see accompanying video with introduction by noted Arab lecturer, Nonie Darwish.

II An original poem submitted by a reader.


by Elaine Rosenberg Miller

In the dark, the guiltless, moonless night

They made their way along the walls of the modest house, along the stuccoed walls

Soundless, sightless

On they crept, swiftly, stopping to listen for restlessness, recognition, awareness, life

Soon to be dawn, soon to be day, they hurried on

Soon, blood, glistening blood, molten blood, then darkening blood, stiffening blood, streaking blood

As in Ramallah

In Ramallah, the young man raised his hands, palms up, fingers splayed

On his hands, his scarlet hands, death

In Ramallah, in Ramallah, one man’s blood painted another man’s upraised hands


Blood coursing through the body

To the heart, to the brain

Bringing warmth

The child fell back on his bed

A single thin mattress

He fell

And his blood pulsed onto the mattress

They slit the neck of the baby, the dewy folds offered no resistance

They killed the parents.

Young parents

And when they were done, they fled into the darkness, softly, softly, the ancient stones recoiling in horror under their feet

And when they returned to their children, their parents, their neighbors, the blood of the family was on their hands




Like in Ramallah