A “Sane Country” would not allow a PA Terror State nor would it allow deliberately distorted terminology – Mark Langfan & Mort Klein

I Op-Ed: A “Sane Country” Would Not Create a PA Terror State
By Mark Langfan

II Video: A “sane country” would not allow the terminology of outright lies and propaganda overwhelming the world’s discourse
By President Mort Klein of the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA).

Upon inspecting the Katyusha damage in Sderot, Israel Minister Lapid remarked “this is a house in which five children live in and which was bombarded by Hamas with missiles during the night. Any sane country will not tolerate a situation in which their kids are being killed on a daily basis.”

The problem is Israel does not behave like a “sane country.” And Yair Lapid is a minister in a government where he voted and strongly argued against striking Hamas so as to cripple their ability to fire the very rockets Lapid is now complaining about. As he said, “no sane country” would tolerate any rocket fire on their territory. And, Israel’s current government allows such attacks to continue unabated.

Let us review the evidence:

1 – 1993 Oslo Accords

Would any “sane country” have allowed a terror state to be created in adjacent land if the “sane country” held the land and its inhabitants openly vowed to annihilate that country? And would its voters have elected leaders like Rabin, Peres, Sharon, and Netanyahu who created new terror enclaves to add to the ones from which Israel’s citizens have been murdered for over 100 years?

Before 1993, Rabin, Peres and the delusional peace cultists knew that Arafat’s South Lebanese terrorists had fired thousands of katyushas into Israel from Lebanon. So one could easily imagine that if Arafat controlled Gaza, Palestinian Arab terrorists would fire the same rockets from there into Israel Any “sane” leader would have realized that if you gave land to the same people who fired rockets from Lebanon, they would fire them from there, but Israel signed the accords.

2 – Netanyahu’s Hevron Retreat and Wye River Memorandum

Would any leader have given away land after hundreds of Israelis were murdered by Palestinian Arab suicide bombers coming from Gaza and Judea and Samaria? Netanyahu gave away land to the terrorists. What’s worse, he says he never gave away land.

What was “Wye River”? In Wye, Netanyahu transferred Areas C to Areas B, and Areas B to Areas A. Changing legal designation of land is giving away land. Also, he created the very terrorist cancer of Hevron where the three precious Israeli Jewish boys were murdered.

He also let Arafat get away without amending the PLO Charter that calls for Israel’s eradication. Even today, the PMW(Palestinian Media Watch) constantly reports that the PLO Charter clauses are cited verbatim almost daily by the PA TV and newspapers. But Israel doesn’t do a thing to stem the torrent of Jew-hate.

3 – 2005 Gaza “Disengagement”

After hundreds of rockets and mortars were fired from Gaza into pre-1967 Israel between 2001 and 2005, would any “sane country” in 2005 have disengaged from Gaza and allowed the terrorists’ ability to fire terror rockets on Israel grow exponentially? Prime Minister Sharon along with the Netanyahu voted for the unilateral retreat from Gaza where they knew the trickle of rockets would soon grow into a torrent of rockets.

Would any country cede territory to ISIS or Islamic Jihad if it knew the Islamic terrorists would as a result have better access to murder more of its citizens? No “sane country” would have retreated from Gaza. If it were able to, it would have wiped out any threat with overwhelming military force.

4 – Prisoner Releases to “Negotiate” with Abbas

After all the Israeli Knesset members saw both Fatah and Hamas fire over 16,000 rockets from Gaza between 2001 and 2014, would any “sane country” consider negotiating a retreat from Judea and Samaria (aka “West Bank”), an area which is in katyusha rocket range of 70% of Israel’s population and 80% of her industrial base? The Prime MInister of Israel not only sits down with a bunch of Jew-murdering terrorists, he also pays for the right to sit with these suit-wearing Palestinian terrorists by releasing a hundred other blood-stained terrorists.

These released murderous Palestinian terrorists then go on to murder more Jewish Israelis. No “sane country” would have released blood-stained terrorists. They would have executed them.

The Leftist members of the present government are not “sane” for even contemplating ceding any land from which Hamas and/or ISIS and/or Fatah will only try to murder more Jewish Israelis.

5 – “Ceasefire” with Hamas

How pathetic it is to hear the government’s pusillanimous offer that “Quiet will be met with quiet.” The rational statement should be “Rockets have been (past tense) obliterated, and the Hamas HQs have been leveled with their terrorist leaders inside.” Instead, dozens of Israel raids against empty buildings have only yielded 2 dead Gaza terrorists. How can dozens of Israel missiles only kill two terrorists? Because Israel is knowingly firing against empty buildings..

Five examples are enough

It isn’t that the Israeli governments have committed just one insane policy. That would have been enough and possibly, excusable. One would think that after Israel’s first mistake, the ministers would have rationally understood that their “peace” policies have failed. Instead, they repeated the same policy again and again. Consequently, the string of Israeli governments created a structurally insane entity that committed 5 major blunders plus hundreds of others along the way.

In answer to Lapid’s question “Would any sane country” allow its citizens to be bombarded with rockets, the answer is clearly no. But, the Israeli government, and the messianic left-wing opposition parties think of nothing other than creating a new katyusha-terror-state in the very heart of Israel: Judea and Samaria.

And until the Jewish Israeli voters wake up, one can expect even more terror and kidnappings. And, one can rationally expect, of course, even more accurate and more deadly katyusha rockets on Israeli civilians.

The Author: Mark Langfan is a New York-based attorney who writes frequently on Middle Eastern affairs and security issues confronting Israel. He has created a three-dimensional topographical model of Israel to explain the implications of strategic height and depth for Israel’s security.

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II Video with Mort Klein before the Knesset Committee