For those, like me, stuck in the house bored to death because:

The golf course is closed

Movies closed

Walking around the block not that exciting

Eating out an unnecessary risk

The library closed

Sitting still reading a book — never an option for me

Watching old golf matches, old tennis matches, wrestling matches. soccer

Octagon fighting for men and women to determine who could kill the other before the pre-occupied referee remembered to step in. 

Watch awful TV shows like the Kardashians, old movies, situation comedies, preachers, animal movies, kids stuff

All between endless painful commercials

Getting reports on the news as to how many died from COVID-19 each hour.

And, most destructive: Inability to hurt the feelings of  the refrigerator by ignoring it over 30 minutes and already gaining 3 pounds in 2 days.


Charles Krauthammer giving an amazing address both in content and delivery forecasting exactly what is happening today, 5 years later  and how to avoid the national outhouse that I have referred to before.  It takes 45 minutes but absolutely well worth your time.

Then if you want a quick pick-up:  watch the great Johnny Carson interview an amazing, delightful 7 year old named Drew Barrymore who stole the show in about 9 minutes

Finally if you don’t like these shows and believe I cheated you, . please let me know and as my Dad would promise,  ” I will buy you  a cigar”

Jerome S. Kaufman

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