God places his ark and presence with the Jewish people in the Kingdom of David (Jerusalem, circa 1000 BCE)

From this week’s Haftorah reading, Shemini, the third parsha in the Third book of the Hebrew Bible, Vayikra (Leveticus)

(And … an incidental lesson in domestic tranquility) jsk

God places his ark and presence with the Jewish people in the Kingdom of David (Jerusalem, circa 1000 BCE)

Verse 16  When the Ark of God arrived at the City of King David, Sha’ul’s (former King Saul) daughter, Michal, was gazing out the window. She saw (her husband) King David leaping and dancing before God; she looked upon him with contempt (because she felt that it was not appropriate for the King to dance, and certainly not in front of the Ark).

17  They brought the Ark of God and set it in its place in the tent which David had pitched. Then David offered burnt-offerings and peace-offerings before God.

18  When David finished bringing the burnt-offerings and peace-offerings, he blessed the people in the Name of the God of Hosts.

19  He distributed to all the people, to the whole crowd of Israel, men and women: a loaf of bread, a (generous) portion of good meat, and a bottle of wine, (after which) everyone went home.

20  David then returned to bless his household and Sha’ul’s daughter, Michal went out to meet him. “What an honorable day it was,” she said (cynically), “when the King of Israel exposed (some of his body while dancing) in the sight of his servants’ maids, just like a simpleton.”

21  “(We were dancing) before God,” David said to Michal, “who chose me over your father and his entire house to appoint me as ruler over God’s people Israel. (Therefore) I will rejoice before God!

22  (If) I would have lowered myself even further, and become humble in my own eyes (to dispense with my honor), then I would be (even more) honored among the maids which you mentioned.”

23   (For the sin of insulting King David), Michal, Sha’ul’s daughter, had no child to the day of her death.

7:1  What happened was, as King David was sitting in his palace after God had given him peace from all his enemies surrounding him

2.  The King said to Nasan the prophet: “See now! I live in a cedar palace (fit for my honor), but God’s Ark is sitting in a (mere) tent!”

3  Nathan said to the king, “Go and do whatever you have in your heart, for God is with you.”

4  That night God’s word came to Nasan, saying,

5  Go and inform My servant David, This is what God says, ‘Are you not happy with all the good I have done for you that you (want to) build Me a house to live in?’

6  I have not resided in a house from the day I brought the Children of Israel out of Egypt to this day, and I have moved around in a Tent and a Tabernacle (and you want to change that)?

7  In all my travels among all the Jewish people, have I ever spoken to any of the judges of Israel whom I commanded to look after My people Israel, saying, ‘Why have you not built Me a house of cedar?

8  “Now say this to My servant David, “This is what the God of Hosts says, “(Have I not done enough for you already?) I have taken you from the sheep pen, from following after the sheep, to be leader over My people Israel”

9  I was with you wherever you went and I eliminated all your enemies before you, I made your name great like the names of the greatest men on earth.

10  In your days I will make a place for my people Israel and I will plant them firmly. They will remain secure and will not be disturbed any more. Evil people will no longer oppress them, as they did initially,

11  Before the day I commanded the judges about My people Israel. I gave you peace from all your enemies and God told you that He would establish a (royal) house for you and your descendants-and you are still not satisfied!)

12  When your days are complete and you lie with your fathers, I will raise up your descendants that follow you, (one) who comes from your loins, and I will establish his kingdom. “

13  He will build a house for My Name, and I will establish his royal throne forever.

14  I will be a (like) father to him, and he will be a (like) son to Me, (in that) I will rebuke (him) with the rod of men and the plagues of mortals when he sins.

15  But my fondness will not depart from him as I withdrew it from Sha’ul, whom I removed before you (due to his sins).

16  Your house and your sovereignty will remain before you forever; your throne will be firmly established forever.

17  Nasan (The prophet) told all these words and all this vision to King David.