Shimon Peres Sycophants’ Victory Parade – but, Why isn’t he in Jail?

Redacted from an article by Professor Steven Plaut highlighting the devastating piece by David Bedein below.

University of Haifa – Israel
June 20, 2013

1. The big “event” this week was the “celebration” of the 90th birthday of Shimon Peres. Bill Clinton pulled up his britches to attend and lots of Hollywood stars are attending, perhaps the one getting the most press being Barbara Streisand. Robert de Niro is here, although in the past he made disgusting anti-Israel statements.

I think the best commentary is the 14 questions for Shimon Peres piece posed by David Bedein. It follows:

I myself, still think that the two most amazing facts about Shimon Peres are these:

1. That he managed to spend so many years over the past decades in Israeli political life while at the same time pursuing his acting career and playing the Montgomery Burns character on “The Simpsons” TV show; and …

2. The fact that Peres did not spend the past two decades in prison. His Oslo “peace process” has directly produced close to 2000 murdered Israelis, and I think that in any normal country he would have been charged with hundreds of counts of depraved indifference second degree murder.

Fourteen Questions For Shimon Peres
Posted By David Bedein On June 20, 2013

1. In 1981, Peres opposed and tried to interfere with Menachem Begin’s 1981 decision to bomb Saddam Hussein’s Iraqi nuclear reactor. Does Peres have any regrets for his opposition to the destruction of that nuclear reactor?

2. Peres is proud of the Oslo peace accord which he helped facilitate between Israel and the PLO on the White House lawn on September 13, 1993. However, on October 7, 1993, the left-wing newspaper Al HaMishmar revealed that the PLO would not ratify that accord, and, indeed, the PLO has never ratified that accord. Instead of heeding the Al HaMishmar report, Peres, then Israel’s foreign minister, dispatched his Deputy Minister, Yossi Beilin, to fly to Tunis to thank Arafat for ratifying the Oslo accord, which Arafat and the PLO never did. Why does Peres promote an unratified accord?

3. In 1994, Rabin, Peres, and Arafat made an agreement that Arafat’s armed forces would comprise no more than 9,000 inductees, and that any Palestinian under arms would first have to be vetted by Israeli intelligence to ensure that he did not have a background in terrorist activity. Yet as early as December 1993, it was discovered that the PA had drafted two Arab residents from the Arab village of Tequa who had murdered the curator of the Herodian, David Rosenfeld, in 1982. In December 1995, Arafat announced that his commanders for Ramallah and Nablus were men who planted bombs in Jerusalem’s Zion Square on July 5, 1975, killing thirteen people. As of 1995, the PA armed forces counted as many as 19,000 people under arms by 1995 and now at least 30,000. Since 1995, the IDF acknowledges that it no longer knows who has been recruited into the PA security force. Can Peres answer the question as to whether the PA armed forces now includes volatile terrorists within its ranks?

4. Throughout 1994 and 1995, when private agencies produced videos of Arafat’s speeches where Arafat expressed support for Jihad to liberate Palestine, Peres implored Israel TV not to air Arafat’s speeches in the Arabic language. Peres also asked the US Congress not to view the videos of what Arafat was saying in Arabic. Does Peres express regret for trying to obfuscate Arafat’s message in the Arabic language?

5. In December 1994, when Peres and Rabin conducted a briefing for the media in Oslo before they both received the Nobel Peace Prize together with Arafat, I asked them if Arafat had fulfilled his commitment to crush the Hamas. Both Rabin and Peres indicated that he would do so. A few hours later, when I asked Arafat the same question as to whether the PLO leader would crush the Hamas, Arafat’s response was clear: “Hamas are my brothers. I will handle them in my way,” And Arafat did handle the Hamas – by bringing them into his new regime, as full coalition partners. In May 1995, Arafat’s security forces announced that they would provide Hamas with arms. In December 1995, Arafat invited the Hamas to join his provisional regime. In 1996, Arafat appointed Hamas officials to run the religious departments and schools under his authority. By fall 2001, the IDF confirmed that Islamic terror groups train and operate in the full view of the Palestinian Authority security services, and that the Islamic terrorists get a clear message that their activity operates with the full blessing of Arafat’s regime. The promise of the Oslo process was that Arafat would crush the Hamas, not co-opt the Hamas. Does Peres feel today that Arafat betrayed him?

6. Norwegian statesmen Kare Kristiansen resigned from the Nobel Prize committee because of the Nobel Prize bestowed upon Arafat. The same Kare Kristiansen told the Norwegian media that Peres had promised financial remuneration to fellow Nobel Prize Committee member Terje Larsen in order to ensure that he would share the Nobel Peace Prize with the late Prime Minister Rabin. In 2002, I interviewed Mr. Kristiansen and he explicitly affirmed that he had witnessed the deal made between Peres and Larsen which assured Larsen that he would be “well rewarded for his efforts.” How does Peres respond to the allegation that he paid good money for the Nobel Peace Prize?

7. The Palestine National Council meeting in April 1996 did not vote to nullify the PLO charter to destroy Israel. However, Peres proclaimed that Arafat did fulfill his promise to amend the PLO charter. It turned out that the resolution that Arafat had told Peres that they would pass was not even brought up for a vote. What is Peres’s current perspective of the PLO charter, which was never changed?

8. In March 2007, when a new “Palestinian unity government” was formed to include Hamas and the Fatah in a coalition government, Peres declared that “only with economics can we make peace.” Peres went on to say that if members of terrorist groups perceive economic incentives, they will cease to be terrorists. Does Peres truly believe that a terrorist organization, which acts upon a deep-rooted ideology, can be enticed by a good business opportunity to abandon the path of terror?

9. Peres repeats over and over that the “gap between Israel and the PA is very small,” while consistently describing Abbas as “Israel’s hope for peace.” However, Peres refuses to comment on the war curriculum that Abbas and the PA ministry of education have introduced in the PA. Peres consistently refuses to say if he has even reviewed the new PA school books, which have introduced a curriculum of war for the next generation of Palestinian Arab school children. On March 1, 2000, Peres addressed an international colloquium for the Jewish media, where Peres announced that the PA had adopted a PA school curriculum for peace. When I pointed out to Peres that the curriculum that he had quoted from had been vetoed by the PA, Peres moved away from the microphone and said, “I know.” Why will Peres not comment on the current PA curriculum of war?

10. Before the Gaza retreat, Peres, then deputy Prime Minister, announced on July 7th, 2005 that the American government had allocated $2 billion to cover the costs of disengagement. That assurance was quoted by the mainstream Israeli media for months to come. However, on July 12th, 2005, the spokesman for the US treasury department told Israel’s leading business newspaper, GLOBES, that the US was not giving one penny for the Disengagement Policy. Where did Peres get the idea that the US would fund the Israel retreat from Gaza?

11. Before Israel’s 2005 retreat from Gaza, Shimon Peres accused southern Israelis of “stoking hysteria” about the rockets and asked, “What’s the big deal?” while describing the Kassam missile as harmless. “Kassam Shmassam,” said Peres. Since then, the southern region of Israel has suffered 29,000 aerial attacks from Gaza and 49 people killed over the past ten years, what is Peres’s perspective on the assurances that he gave the people of southern Israel before Israel withdrew its civilians, soldiers, and bases from Gaza?

12. In 2011, Shimon Peres dispatched a letter of praise to J Street, one day after J-Street called on the US to support the PLO resolution at the UN Security Council calling for the halt of settlement construction, including east Jerusalem, which the Obama administration vetoed after all other permanent members voted in favor. Does Peres have any second thoughts about sending such a letter of support to J Street?

13. On January 4, 2013, Mahmoud Abbas, head of the Palestinian Authority, delivered a new year’s message in which he lauded Adolf Hitler’s Arab ally, Haj Amin Al Husseini, the Mufti of Jerusalem, as someone whose legacy should be “emulated” by the Palestinian people. Since Israel’s President Shimon Peres never stops in his adulations of Abbas, Peres was asked if he would condemn Abbas’s praise of the Mufti, yet Peres refused comment on Abbas’s praise of the Mufti. Why would Peres not condemn Abbas’s praise of the Mufti?

14. Peres continually endorses an independent Palestinian state under the leadership of Abbas, as a Palestinian state that would coexist as a peaceful neighbor with Israel. Yet UNRWA remains in tact, maintaining 5 million Arab refugees and their descendants in “temporary” refugee camps, under the premise and promise of the right of return to Arab villages that no longer exist within Israel. Why does Peres not support a change in the UNRWA mandate, which contradicts his vision of a “two state solution”?

Readers comment:

Yosef Hartuv 2:45pm Jun 23

Lyn Julius “…Norwegian MIFF activists have learned that it is simply not enough to explain Israel’s security dilemmas or to revisit Israel’s diplomatic generosity toward the Palestinians. What’s needed is a much more basic restatement of Israel’s cause and purpose: Israel as a grand historic reunion of people and land, as a shelter for the Jewish People, and as a just and moral actor in the medieval and violent Arab Middle East. (cont.)
Israel? There are Norwegians who absolutely do get it

Professor Alan Dershowitz still does not get it

By Jerome S. Kaufman
January 31, 2013

Tuesday we had, in our synagogue, as guest speaker, Alan Dershowitz, renown Professor of Law at Harvard University Law School. Mr. Dershowitz gave an impassioned introduction to an important new educational institution, It is dedicated to awakening the world to the fantastic achievements of the state of Israel and negating the malicious hatred and propaganda to which it is constantly subjected.

Mr. Dershowitz spoke of a worldwide major campaign to delegitimize Israel. The primary point of attack is in the field of academia on college and even high school campuses. Educators have been carefully selected by those in power to perpetuate the present far Left point of view with the demonization of Israel as its primary goal. Mr. Dershowitz pointed out that their students will be the leaders of tomorrow in positions of political power and professors themselves in educational institutions. They will also continue to control the media as replicas of the same clique that controls the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, PBS and a limitless number of other media institutions. addresses this problem head on.

The website describes itself as follows:

It is a leading online portal for Jewish distance learning with a vision to transform Jewish and Israel education for the 21st century, and to inspire, unify, and activate people of all ages as passionate supporters of Israel and the Jewish people.
Founded in 2009 by Rabbi Raphael Shore, is breaking new ground in outreach by creating original feature films, engaging film classes and courses, and experiential and interactive learning, all distributed via the internet, social media, television, grass roots campaigns and partnerships with mainstream pro-Israel and outreach organizations. is a tax exempt organization. It has produced four 10-hour, online multimedia courses, has graduated more than 4,500 students, and is responsible for over 100,000 hours of Jewish and Israel learning by students worldwide.’s film education courses are currently available for College Students, High Schools, Adult Education and Organizations.

A superlative film, Israel Inside was shown after the introduction. The entire film is available online at and viewing it is highly recommended.

After the film Mr. Dershowitz continued with his presentation:

He said, “We need strength. We need power to fight anti-Israel lies. I wish we did control the media, the Congress and the world as dedicated anti-Semites declare. But, obviously, we don’t.”

There are those that believe Jews and Israel will prevail because of some vague superior morality. Hardly. World events have proven that false. The Holocaust, the slaughters in Russia, China, Darfur, Cambodia, Rwanda and now Syria have proven that morality has no standing without the power to protect it.

Dershowitz continued that the Hebrew bible advises, time and again, that only when God has given the people strength will they obtain power. There is no question Israel must use its military strength and thank G-d for that strength. The truism continues, “If the Palestinians gave up their arms in the current conflict, there would be peace and if the Israelis gave up theirs there would be genocide.”

The session was then opened to written questions. The first question asked Professor Dershowitz to comment on the recent Israeli election?

Dershowitz said he was happy to see the electorate shift from the extremes more toward the center. Now Netanyahu has freer hands and could move more toward the center and perhaps bring the Palestinian Arabs back to the “peace process.” I personally was puzzled as to which “peace process” he was referring.

He went into his projection of what a peace process could look like. He would demand Israel security be guaranteed. In return, Dershowitz would expect Israel to stop building and expanding settlements in areas many consider part of an eventual PA State. He would arrange land swaps that would give Arab areas to the PA State and Jewish lands to Israel. He would also demand a demilitarized PA State. If Israel’s security were to be viable, Israel would of course, have to control the Jordan Valley and the Golan Hts. In any case, Dershowitz believes that Israel should persist in offering peace at every opportunity in order to curry favor with the nations of the world.

Terrific, but please don’t confuse me with the facts.

The Palestinians have not agreed to even one requirement of the infamous Oslo Accords or any other of the many peace offers made to them. They continue to demand the return of so-called refugees that now number in the millions and consist of three generations of people that have never had any connection to Israel.

The PA continues to educate its children to total rejection of any Israeli existence. Their maps do not have Israel included but rather an area consisting only of Palestine. The frequent costume of newly born babies has them outfitted in a suicide belt! Their athletic teams and town squares are named after terrorists. And, does Dershowitz truly believe the PA would ever agree to exist as a demilitarized nation?

Why does he persist in this nonsense? Does he really believe it will curry favor with the international community? Where has the “favor” been accumulated from 20 years of Shimon Pere’s pipe dream Oslo Accords and all the other peace proposals and Arab/Jewish co-existence over the last 150 years?

Has Dershowitz not learned anything at all from Israel’s suicidal concessions of Gaza and the Lebanese security zone? Have they not become entrenched areas of Arab terrorism? Is there any doubt any other territory relinquished would become exactly the same?

But, what was the worst part of Dershowitz’s lecture? He ignores his own quotations and admonitions from the Hebrew Bible, that morality only follows the possession of power. Furthermore there are severe consequences to Jews being naively mesmerized into the possibility that a peace process is possible when of course it is not. Jews are thus disarmed mentally and psychologically from the constant power, vigilance and preparedness that is desperately required.

Dershowitz and others with the same benighted mentality, make Jews suckers to a belief that can only result, G-d forbid, in another Holocaust but, this time, most likely the last one and occurring in G-d’s given homeland. That is the Arab ultimate and only understanding of peace.