We were honored to have Congressman Allan West visit our Synagogue, April 15, 2012

So, What did he say?

By Jerome S. Kaufman


The Congressman was elegantly introduced by renown attorney and ardent political activist, Elaine  F. Miller. He spoke extemporaneously, without a tele-prompter, for over an hour and answered questions for another 45 minutes. The audience remained at rapt attention throughout.

The guy is amazing. How anyone can listen to this guy, see who he is, his confident, straight forward, sincere delivery, learn of his family background, his family’s three generations of military service, his pride in American exceptionalism, in the American way of life, in a free market economy, in individual responsibility, in government by the people  and for the people and not vote for him, is beyond understanding.

The Congressman presented a litany of facts that should be indelibly engraved upon the minds of this electorate. He included all the information that matters – no fluff, no bleeding heart arguments, no demagoguery, no hand wringing, no class warfare, no  redistribution of wealth, none of the socialism, communism, liberalism, universalism – whatever pipe dream one may want to employ. None of the lip-service support of Israel that one hears from so many other candidates – many Jewish – but by birth only.

He listed our immediate national and international concerns. To me, right at the top of the list, is the deliberate decimation of our armed forces.  Congressman West is a dedicated member of the Armed Services Committee and knows exactly what he is talking about. President Obama has been the driving force behind reducing our ability to defend ourselves. Our number of combat army brigades has been reduced from 45 to 32; our Marine Corps is down to post WWII levels at 183,000; The number of our naval fleet from 570 to 283 vessels in a world that is 70% water demanding constant  guarding from enemy intrusion.  Nine squadrons of fighter aircraft have been removed decimating our air force.

Who is going to protect this country – China, Russia, Iran, Islamic terrorism that is rapidly attacking virtually every corner of the globe? Norman Podhoretz was absolutely right, way back in September 2004, when he declared that we are in WWIV whether we like it or not. We are not in some nebulous, politically correct designated, War on Terrorism. We are in a war against Islamic fascism, aided and abetted by Russia, China and many of the countries of South America, North Korea, Iran, etc. The list is endless. They promote Islamic fascism that is directed against US interests. When it comes to their home fronts, that is another story. Furthermore, we have a president dedicated to placing us on the losing side of the confrontation.

What about the domestic scene? Mr. West advised us that this country is on the verge of economic collapse. Exactly what happened to Greece is happening to us – only on a larger scale. Under President Obama our national debt is increasing exponentially. We are now 15.6 trillion dollars in debt (Whatever a trillion is?) and by the end of the year will be over 16 trillion in debt. Using a simpler figure to understand – GDP (Gross Domestic Product) – our national ability to generate income from goods and services vs. our actual spending is now 102. That means we are now spending more annually than we are able to generate. Under Obama, by the end of the year that ratio will increase to 106.2. If one also factors in existing debt from Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Social Security, Medicare, that ratio is closer to 200%!

How would that work out in your own household? Your only recourse would be to declare bankruptcy and I am not sure how that works if the whole country is bankrupt! Obviously, we have to trim our sails. All these perks, entitlements ( a word I never heard as a child or even as an adult. No one in our house was ever taught that they were “entitled” to anything except what they earned with their back or their brain), have to be drastically and painfully diminished.

As to the $64 question to Allen West? What about his referring to the 76 plus Democratic members of the House of Representatives as members of the Communist Party. Congressman West, explained he was referring to the 76 members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, the largest group within House Democrats. The Communist Party has publicly referred to the Progressive Caucus as its allies or in an older term, fellow travelers.

Congressman West stood by his original statement. He said, if you notice, even the media has not challenged the truth of this statement. They just don’t like the fact that he said it. Mr. West explained there is just a hairline of difference between communism, socialism, progressivism, Marxism, statism, as to their ambitions and planned results. When we speak of the spectrum of the political left, we see a never ending growth of big government, nationalizing production, creating and expanding a welfare state, theoretically creating social and economic equality (after the loot is divided between the Party heads, of course) and creating a secular state. The rights of the individual, religion of any kind, have no place within these systems.

Congressman West then spoke about Israel. He advised us that there was unequivocal evidence that President Obama leaked the information that Israel was developing air bases in Azerbaijan. This flagrant treachery against a loyal American ally will hinder any mission to eliminate Iran’s nuclear facilities a thousand fold. It remains to be seen how many additional Israeli, Muslim and American lives it will cost. With friends like Obama, who needs enemies.

How important it is that the US genuinely has Israel’s back for both our sakes. Israel will need the US desperately and vice versa in the weeks, months, years that follow the essential action of taking out, militarily, Iran’s nuclear capability. The action will set off a hornet’s nest of our enemies. But,  there is no other choice. Negotiations have not and will not work. Even our broaching the topic of negotiations is immediately considered weakness by Arab and Iranian cultures. Without question, the longer we procrastinate and delude ourselves with wishful thinking the more entrenched our enemies become and the more difficult the essential task.

Have we not learned anything from WW II? Will we again allow another Hitler to take the offensive and cause another 60 million people or far more with nuclear weaponry, to die. Probably we will. People and nations seem incapable of learning from their past mistakes.

And may please G-d save us from  this recurring idiocy.

Jerome S. Kaufman

Editor, Israel Commentary