The Chaos created by Obama’s “Lead from Behind” Foreign Policy

From New York Times bestseller, The Amateur by Edward Klein
Page 221-223

The Chaos created by Obama’s “Lead from Behind” Foreign Policy

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The Chaos created by Obama’s “Lead from Behind” Foreign Policy

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In the argument over whether Barack Obama has been a better foreign policy president than a domestic policy president, his record is the clincher. Judged by the ambitious goals he set for himself when he became president, he cannot claim to have achieved a single lasting policy objective in any area of the world that is of vital interest to the United States.

Rather than provide the kind of American leadership that once created the Marshall Plan and the Truman Doctrine, he has watched as a helpless bystander as the European Union has disintegrated. After nearly ten years of war in Iraq, he has undertaken a strategic withdrawal from the Middle East, leaving a vacuum that is certain to be filled by our sworn enemies in Iran.

He called Afghanistan “a war of necessity,” dispatched an additional 30,000 troops there, but foolishly set a date certain to bring America’s troops home, thus creating yet another vacuum in an explosive part of the world. He has done little or nothing to stem the rise of China as a military power in the Far East. His ambivalent policy toward the mullahs in Iran and their ambition to become a nuclear power could only be described as an uncertain trumpet.

The Obama Doctrine with its two corollaries—”leading from behind” and “Responsibility to Protect” — is naive, simplistic, and superficial. If further proof of this were needed, it came in the early months of 2012, when Bashar al-Assad began slaughtering his civilian opponents in Syria, which unlike Libya is of vital strategic importance to the United States, because Syria’s regime is allied to both Russia and Iran.

“If the responsibility to protect civilians is a legitimate part of international law, why would it apply to Libya and not to Syria?” Steven Erlanger asked in the New York Times. “Why shouldn’t the world intervene in what is already a one-sided civil war? Without a robust intervention, what happens to the momentum and principles of the Arab Spring? Will Western calls for democracy and equal rights suffer and help radical Islamists rise to power?”

Several leading Republicans called on the Obama administration to act. But the voices of the “humanitarian Vulcans” — Samantha Power, Susan Rice, and Hillary Clinton — were effectively silenced when Russia and China vetoed a Security Council resolution aimed at aiding the Syrian rebels and toppling the Assad regime. Without the fig leaf of international cooperation, which would allow the timorous Obama administration to lead from behind, Obama remained frozen in inaction. His refusal to take the lead in Syria to save civilian lives made a sham of “Responsibility to Protect,” the guiding moral principle behind the Obama Doctrine.

As in past crises, the one in Syria demonstrated that Obama and his foreign policy team were bound by a narrow, cramped world-view. They envision a world of declining American power and the emergence of a new world order that will contain a half dozen major powers — the United States, Europe, China, Japan, Russia, and India. However, such a highly competitive, dangerous multipolar world is not inevitable. It will only materialize if the United States lets it. Obama should be more careful what he wishes for.

(Unfortunately, what is missing from all these discussions is the basic modus operandi of all Obama’s policies. He is not making errors. He is doing exactly what he and his handlers have always worked toward – the destruction of the United States as a world power and the creation of chaos until exactly that has happened.
If one keeps this basic understanding as a guide to explain Obama’s actions, the whole scene becomes crystal clear. So, WAKE UP AMERICA, before you get into the voting booth. Four more years of Obama and his anti-US henchman will have achieved exactly what they had planned and, you, I and generations to follow will be the victims. A beautiful, exemplary, way of life will have been destroyed in 8 short years of deliberate, pre – meditated ineptitude) jsk



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