The Clinton Crime Family. They make the Corleones look like small potatoes!

How Bill and Hillary escape punishment decade and decade.

By Joseph Farah, Editor

World Net Daily, June 2015

When we think of crime families, Vito and Michael Corleone come to mind. Yes, they killed people — mostly other gangsters and mob leaders. They were wealthy and powerful and dangerous to those who crossed them, but, they were make-believe characters.

Let me tell about a real-life crime family more wealthy, more powerful and more dangerous — not only to those who cross them, but to the very fabric of our nation and its precious remaining liberty and rule of law.

Meet the Clinton crime family.

I have more than 20 years of experience with Bill and Hillary Clinton. I was numbered at the very top of their enemies list in the 1990s media people. They didn’t  mind hurting their enemies and they used the power of the state to do it. They are only too willing to let their friends and supporters pay for their crimes  as top fundraiser, Peter Paul, can attest after serving more than a decade behind bars for campaign finance violations coordinated by Hillary.

They used the Internal  Revenue Service to go after their enemies, their critics and even ex-lovers who posed a threat. They bullied, harassed, intimidated, and, though no-one likes to talk about it in polite  company, there is indeed a trail of  inexplicable death  that has followed in their wake.

The famous “Clinton Body Count” even persuaded Monica Lewinsky not to make trouble for the”family.”

It’s not surprising that a few of their old adversaries have “seen the light” and decided the Clintons really weren’t that bad after all — concluding cooperation and even praise was better for their careers than the alternative.

After Hillary’s 2008 electoral debacle with Obama’s victory, some of us thought they would be satisfied to wreak havoc on America through bad policies and bad ideas.

We thought perhaps they would content themselves at getting richer at the public trough and through the illegal use of their foundation.” Maybe their time was over?

But just like two bad pennies, they’re back.

The corruption we read about in Peter Schweizer’s book “Clinton Cash” is nothing new for the Clintons. Its been going on since their Arkansas days. It’s what Whitewater is  all about. It’s what the Rose Law Firm was all about.

When they entered the White House in 1993, they took a little of Arkansas with them, tarnishing the hallowed presidential quarters forever — insulting Marine guards, humiliating FBI and Secret Service agents, fooling around with interns and abusing the power the American people mistakenly gave them for eight years.

They survived impeachment, thanks to the gutless Republican Senate under the leadership of Trent Lott. One can only imagine who among the Republican leadership got an offer they couldn’t refuse.

They courted foreign money throughout their “co-presidency” and got plenty of it after they left office.

Scandals surrounded them all through the Clinton administration and ever since. But, somehow, they never really paid a significant price. They had too many friends in high places government, in politics, with the high and mighty who helped engineer their rise and, most of all, within the media who found in them something that reminded them of the days of days of Camelot. (So much for the trustworthiness of the media).

Now the Clintons are getting  ready for their third term in the White House — and they will not be denied (G-d forbid). Already consumed in scandal once again, they count on fooling the people yet again. After all, it is their turn.

So let me just state clearly what they represent for those who still, more than two decades later, haven’t figured it out:

The Clintons are a crime family that somehow achieved immunity from prosecution more than 20 years ago — and, until recently, even immunity from criticism from the so-called “mainstream media.”

The Clintons know it. That’s why they have continued to flaunt the law and operate by their own set of rules and often send other people to prison, and perhaps worse, for their own crimes!


Joseph Farah is founder, editor and CEO of World Net Daily and is a syndicated columnist for Creators News Service. He is the other of 13 books including his classic, Taking America Back.

Read the complete expose’ of the Clinton Crime Family in Whistleblower Magazine June, 2015,d.aWw



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