The Disgraceful Compromise of the State of Israel and Magen David Adom

I  Magen David Adom and the Red Cross. By Yehudit Tayar

II “What Magen David Adom Victory? By Jerome S.  Kaufman

(Written June 30, 2006 after this disgraceful compromise was allowed by the Israelis)

I Magen David Adom and the Red Cross

By Yehudit Tayar

January 9,  2012

The Red Star of David, or as we know it here in Israel, Magen David Adom signed an agreement in 2005 with the Red Cross that MDA will work only within the ” internationally recognized borders of Israel” and thereby will cease the medical assistance in the Old City of Jerusalem, Gilo, Pisgat Ze’ev, Ramat Eshkol, French Hill, Ramot,  (to name a few neighborhoods of Jerusalem that are affected by this agreement ), Judea, Samaria, the Jordan Valley, and the Dead Sea Region.  In other words MDA agreed to cease rescue services outside of the pre-1967 borders.

Already the first implementation of this agreement has been the removal of the symbol of MDA from our ambulances in Judea and Samaria. 

We, the volunteers on the ambulance are still called out by MDA to try and save lives.  We get the calls from MDA with the old number that was removed from the ambulance and not the new one that was placed recently as a part of the signed agreement with the Red Cross.  We are on call 24/7 and yet MDA never even told us volunteers that they basically agreed that we are no longer an accepted part of our own country.

We, the heads of Yesha along with MK Uri Ariel and MK Arieh Eldad are planning to push forward in the Knesset a bill demanding the MDA to cancel this agreement, and as the official medical organization of Israel to protect Israeli interests, citizens and Land no matter where they live. The Minister of Internal Security has already passed a new resolution in the Knesset that MDA will no longer be the exclusive rescue organization of the State of Israel.

Not a word was said to any of us – hundreds of volunteers – regarding this vile agreement that MDA signed until the word leaked out.  When I asked the heads of MDA what this meant, I was told that the symbols would be removed from the ambulances and then after the inspection we could replace them.  Talk about duplicity….

These ambulances were leased for the immediate medical response to emergencies in Israel, and the donors who gave their money in order to save lives now rightfully, as we volunteers do, feel betrayed.

Any organization representing Israel must respect the lives of all the citizens of Israel and not draw their own new borders because of monetary greed.  MDA surreptitiously signed an agreement, never mentioned the implications of this agreement with the Red Cross, and thus betrayed not only the Israeli citizens, the volunteers in our ambulances but also the donors who gave their money with the understanding that MDA also serviced our communities.

MDA must retract this agreement immediately and if not it is not acceptable that they remain the medical organization for the State of Israel.

Yehudit Tayar was on the steering committee of the Yesha Council to bring MDA ambulances into Yesha (since previously it was MDA policy not to have ambulances in Judea, Samaria and Gaza), and serves as a volunteer emergency medic, as well as one of the veteran spokespeople for the Jewish pioneers who live in Yesha. 

II From Israel Commentary:

June 30, 2006

What Magen David Adom “Victory?”

By Jerome S. Kaufman

Once again Jews, especially Israelis, are advised that the Emperor is fully clothed when in fact he has no clothes, except for those viewers who prefer to live in their own self-delusion. The latest fiasco is the heralding as a great “Victory” the fact that the International Red Cross has finally condescended to allow one of the finest humanitarian emergency units in the world – Magen David Adom of Israel – to become a  part of the organization. The news is trumpeted by reporter Rachel Silverman in her Jewish Telegraphic Agency article as a “Magen David Adom Victory” which “reflects 58 years of aggressive sustained lobbying and a last-minute push.

But at what cost and what was the “last minute push (now six months in the making) dependent upon? Not much –  just that the Jewish organization hide its identity by changing its insignia – no more Jewish star on their ambulances in locations where the nation receiving Jewish aid and Jewish blood objected!  Evidently having the Jewish star on the ambulances would be too embarrassing and give the Jews and particularly the Israelis, too much credit. How could the sight of Jews and Israelis in such a favorable light be explained to the masses of population that had been taught so diligently to hate Jews?

Of course, these restrictions do not apply to the nations of the rest of the world. They will continue proudly to exhibit their Red Cross, the Muslims their Red Crescent and by the way, the Palestinian Authority will also be admitted, although no such nation yet exists, and will, of course, have a Red Crescent – no unidentifiable red square like the Jews!

So the “Jewish Problem” was again solved.  The Jews simply re-assumed their shtetl mentality, that they have never, in fact, lost – speak quietly, hide in your cellars at the time of another pogrom and try, at all costs, to not irritate your non-Jewish assailants.

The JTA article concludes:  “After the ruling, Rabbi Danny Allen of the American Friends of Magen David Adom called it a “vote for humanitarian over sectarian politics.” How noble, how very Jewish! Only in this case,  the very existence of Jews and the State of Israel, are the “sectarian politics’ at stake.

Once more, as Jews, as Israelis,  we take no pride in our own existence, our glorious history, our remarkable G-d-given achievements, and his return to us, after 2000 years, of our nationhood.  How then can we possibly expect more from those that surround us?




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