The Shambles of the Middle East by Dr. Yoram Ettinger

Redacted by Jerome S. Kaufman from an in-depth discussion by:

Ambassador Yoram Ettinger
Shabbat November 11, 2017 – Cheshvan 22, 5778

We were delighted to once again have Professor Yoram Ettinger, political analyst nonpareil, address us following the Shabbat services.

What exactly did Ambassador Ettinger say?

He began by relating his political discussion to the weekly parsha (portion) of the Hebrew Bible. The parsha of the week was Chai Sura – The Life of the Matriarch Sarah, the wife of the first Jew, Abraham and thus the First Lady of the Jews.

Sara instinctively knew Ishmael, son of Hagar, Sara’s hand maiden, would not be a proper son to carry on Abraham’s work with G-d establishing monotheism using the Hebrews  as his chosen people. She consequently, a few years after the birth of Yitschak, had Ishmael and his mother Hagar exiled from the land.

Professor Ettinger lamented thatm unlike Sarah, there is a critical lack of American and world foresight in dealing with genuine threats to their own very existence — Iran, Russian and North Korea.

To make matters worse, US and world powers muddy their own waters further by somehow bringing Israel’s 100 plus year conflict with the Arabs into the equation as contributory to the problem. In fact, there is no correlation whatever. Israel’s prowess and military strength is instead a huge part of the required solution rather then any part of the problem.

In a supreme act of delusion, the US, via Barack Obama, engineered the disastrous Iran nuclear deal despite the outspoken warnings of Bibi Netanyahu addressing a joint session of the US Congress.

The deal not only recognized Iran’s nuclear program but also contributed billions of dollars into the Iranian economy. As expected, these huge funds were not used for the benefit of the Iranian people but rather they expedited development of Iran’s nuclear program.

These new weapons are already aimed at US military installations and of course, at Israel, planning to actuate its bellicose promises to destroy the Jewish state.

By contrast, the Arab states in the immediate area – Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the United Arab Republics, Yemen, Oman, Jordan and Egypt – fully understand the threat to their own existence and are disenchanted with the United States any longer having their backs. As a result, huge steps of rapprochement with Russia have been taken — even buying billions of dollars in Russian military equipment.

These Arab nations agree with Ambassador Ettinger’s statement that Iran’s machete although not quite yet at the throat of the US or Western Europe, it is literally directly at the throat of the surrounding Arab states.

The dubious decision-making and lack of foresight of the US State Department is replete with egregious political errors that have created the current disaster. The original faux pax was promoting the toppling of the Shah of Iran in 1979 – a tried and true friend of the West. The Iranian Muslim extremist Ayatollahs quickly took total control of the country and imposed Sharia law upon the entire population. The friendly, cooperative, mutually beneficial cooperation with the West quickly vanished.


Another frightening development has been the recent visit of the Saudi King to Russia’s Putin. The music coming out of the current White House, especially accompanied by President Trump’s visit to Riyadh is a welcome, much more acceptable state of affairs to the Saudis than the  “leadership from behind” of Barack Obama.  But, the Gulf Arab nations await any real “walk” to accompany President Trump’s “talk” while none so far has appeared.

Unfortunately, the American State Dept. is once again attempting to use the Israel/PA “peace” process as a fall guy for their current failures all over the world so cleverly engineered by Obama during his entire eight year term.

President Trump is trying valiantly to correct this deliberate disaster despite the mindless opposition of the American media that remains totally occupied instead in attempting to get Hillary Clinton into the White House. How they consider that a step forward is beyond any figment of the imagination.

The Saudis are well aware of this disconnect between reality of the Middle East and the Israel/PA impasse. They have suddenly demonstrated their unqualified interest in resuming a relationship with Israel that is in their mutual best interests and has nothing to do with a phantom, relatively recently invented “Palestinian” people.  Israel’s long delayed building of settlements on land that was supposed to be Israel in the first place has certainly nothing to do with any of it.

The US State Department unfortunately, sticks to its original obtuse concepts of Arabs’ real goals, the Middle East and the PA/Israeli conflict. It does not allow the facts to get in the way regardless of gargantuan changes in circumstances, current events and a true knowledge and understanding of the history of the Middle East.
Instead, the State Dept. has always taken the position that US relations with the 21 Arab states is far more important than that with Israel. Knowledgeable military experts have rather considered Israel the indispensable virtual American aircraft carrier in the Mediterranean. It has always been a bulwark against Russian aggression and now is the primary US opposition to Iran’s ceaseless attempt to overpower the entire area.

The State Dept. also labors under the total illusion that since a large part of Israel’s current population came from Russia, they must all be Communists! Talk about obtuse! In fact, only 4 members of the 120 Knesset members belong to the Communist Party which barely exists and is hardly a threat to the American State Dept. or anyone else.

Furthermore, it was the US State Dept. that explicitly gave the green light through their US Ambassador, for Saddam’s invasion and take over of Kuwait, thus initiating the first Gulf War and the later dismantling of Iraq and unopposed growth of Iran.

It was also the Dept. of State that enthusiastically supported the Oslo Accords demanding Israel’s complete compliance with the agreement while the Palestinians have not observed any part of their obligations whatever.

The Dept. of State also vigorously opposed Israel’s bombing of Iraq’s nuclear reactor in 1981 which ultimately saved thousands of American soldier’s lives and insured the US victory in the 1991 war with Saddam Hussein.

Finally, the State Dept.’s latest miscalculation was opposing Israel’s bombing of an impending nuclear reactor in Syria in 2007. One can only imagine the catastrophe that would have resulted to this day if that reactor were still in place.

State’s latest and most destructive gambit is the virtually unfettered Obama Iran Nuclear Agreement. Hopefully, President  Trump can find a way to counter this genuine existential threat.

Let us pray  also, that the President knows all about Chai Sura (The Life of Sarah), how she anticipated the future and got rid of the bad actors that could destroy us.
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