The Truth about Barack

By Jerome S. Kaufman
Editor, Israel Commentary

The Truth about Barack

Damn the perverted political correctness and misguided racial guilt! We are about to vote in the most important election in our history where an ongoing and devastating sea change threatens our very existence

Why can’t anyone call Obama for what he truly is. Only one author/columnist, David Limbaugh, has had the guts to use honest terminology. He has written a book titled, The Great Destroyer, which of course refers to Barack Obama.

Below is a redaction from its book review by Loren Heal
June 4, 2012

“David Limbaugh’s new book, The Great Destroyer, (Regnery Publishing), is out and it doesn’t disappoint. Limbaugh carefully and thoughtfully delivers a devastating critique of the Obama Administration. Conservative and libertarian readers will appreciate Limbaugh’s recollection of Mr. Obama’s transgressions, though some may find daunting the sheer volume of the administration’s failures, arrogance, and deceit.

Limbaugh organized The Great Destroyer into a dozen chapters analyzing the various ways Barack Obama and his administration have embarked on an all-out assault against American ideals, his political foes, sound economic principles, domestic energy production, American business, and national security.

Mr. Obama campaigned in 2008 as a uniter, a centrist who could heal the country of its racial, religious, and political divisions. But, from the beginning he has been one of the most partisan and divisive presidents in our history. Because his extremist liberal agenda has been unpopular with the electorate, he has demonized his opponents as a means of diverting attention from the substance of the legislation or policy in question and making it a contest about personalities.

One particularly egregious Obama policy has been driven by his ideological desire to end the use of fossil fuels. He frequently uses his appointed Secretary of Energy Stephen Chu and the Environment Protection Agency as his offensive tackles in this campaign. Mr. Obama has been unwilling to go through normal Congressional channels or wait while free people, in a free market economy, adapt to energy alternatives to oil, coal, and natural gas as they become economically preferable. Mr. Obama has been rather committed to instead raising fuel prices to exorbitant European levels, artificially.

Then there is Obama’s slow and uneven response to the British Petroleum oil spill, followed by a moratorium which can be understood only as using Rahm Emmanuel’s “Never letting a crisis go to waste” ploy, in the pursuit of punitive prices for fossil fuels.

There is a never ending litany of Obama policies and actions against our National interests:

Impeding oil and gas industry progress toward use of oil shale

Blocking the Canadian Keystone XL pipeline

Giving lip service only, to nuclear power production

Manifesting open hostility to coal mining — diminishing its availability and raising its price — actions obviously understood within the context of his own desire to force alternative “clean” energy to become artificially, more economically viable.

Author Limbaugh exposes the weakness of the increase in Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards from 30.2 to 55.4 miles per gallon by 2025. In the rush to implement what Limbaugh correctly labels “the draconian proposal” the administration paid little attention to such concerns as cost, engineering difficulty, and safety in attempting to achieve these levels of fuel consumption.

As a result, vehicle prices are likely to increase by as much as $10,000. In addition, to get that many miles per gallon, cars will necessarily be made lighter, and lighter cars are less safe as a matter of simple physics.

Just from the brief outline of the actions above, if there was ever a time in our history where conservatism should be a winning message, it is now, especially after what the nation has suffered from four years of unbridled liberalism.

If the reader is genuinely concerned over Mr. Obama’s cheerleading for America’s foes, unfounded apologies for our past, demonization of those he sees as his foes, the thuggish use of his office to silence dissent, his lies about energy production, his various nation destroying scandals – Solyndra, Fast and Furious, Boeing, the Arab Spring and just now the Benghazi-gate cover-up, plus dealing with his obvious narcissism and self-adoration – The Great Destroyer is a marvelous choice for an immediate read.” (End of redacted book review)

Then, there are the just plain numbers and facts that have resulted from Obama’s deliberately destructive policies:

When Obama took office:

Median income was $54,983, now $50,694

Gas – From $1.85 to now $4.15

Food Stamp recipients: 28.2 million when Obama took office to 44.7 million now

National debt: 9 Trillion to nearly $16 Trillion!

$716 billion robbed from Medicare to diminish and camouflage the real cost of Obamacare.

Four years without a National Budget because of Obama’s failure to even submit one and Senate leader Harry Reid’s obstructionism against every attempted budget proposal submitted by the House. This maneuver thus preventing any limits on the gargantuan expenditures of Obama’s Stimulus Packages, social welfare programs, etc.

22 million people now on the government payrolls and, of course, their salaries paid for by you, the taxpayer

4.4 Million on welfare programs. This does not include Medicare and Social Security which are not, of course, welfare.

50 million to Medicaid

70 million wage earners paying no taxes whatever

47% of the entire population paying no taxes and yet Obama still wages class warfare against those fortunate enough to make a living and support the 47% who don’t pay taxes.

What do you think this will all accomplish – other than take away the incentive for anyone who does want to work? Greece, Spain, Portugal, Ireland and the rest of the European Union, here we come.

There are so many other deliberately destructive actions Obama has taken:

The killing of our space program, leaving us under the domination of the Russians and the Chinese

The tragic weakening of our armed forces, our sea power, our air power — again putting us at the mercy of our enemies around the world.

For the first time, the loss of our once stellar AAA National credit rating

The demolishment of our immigration program with virtually no or little monitoring of illegal immigration

Direct attacks on the tenets of the Catholic Church with the rest of us not far behind

The virtual abandonment of our key allies Britain, Israel, the North Atlantic Treaty

Our endangered military allegiances and the ability to protect our crucial allies, Taiwan, Japan, Turkey, South Korea, Georgia, the Balkans, Poland, the entire Western Pacific.

But, all of the above, in fact, begs the most important question. What is The Truth about Barack and why should Americans be terrified? The blog, Israel Commentary, has addressed this question several times. Please click on the two separate previously published articles below.

Jerome S. Kaufman

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