This week’s Torah portion: G-d sets Israel’s borders and warns them against the existential mistakes they are making to this very day.

From: The Second Book of the Hebrew Bible

Parsha Mishpatim – The Torah Portion of the Week   23:27-32

27  I will send my terror ahead of you, and throw all the people against whom you will come,  into confusion. I will make all your enemies turn their backs and flee from you.

28 I will send the hornet swarms before you (that will strike them in the eyes and inject venom into them and they will drive out the Hiuites, the Canaanites, and the Hitites from before your eyes

29 I will not drive them away from you in one year lest the land become depopulated and the beasts of the field become too many for you (to contend with).

30 Little by little I will drive them away from you until you have increased and can occupy the land.

31 I will set your borders from the Reed Sea to the Philistine Sea, and from the desert to River (Euphrates) for I will deliver the inhabitants of the land into your hands, and you will drive them away from you.

32 Do not make a covenant with them or with their gods.

33 Do not let them live in your land, since they may cause you to sin against Me, in that you will worship their gods, which will be a trap for you.

Map of G-d’s land given to the Jewish people encompassed all the land on both sides of the Jordan River extending well into present day Iraq all the way to the River Euphrates on the East and south to the Reed Sea crossed by the Hebrews upon their escape from Egyptian bondage with Hashem’s indispensable help.


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