What do we do now?

What do we do now?

Dear Reader,

Watching last night’s returns, conservative commentators talked mournfully about how America is a changed country—demographically, culturally, and most of all morally. Because of these changes, we are no longer the country we have always been.

We don’t buy it. Yes, America is a divided country. But half of the people are holding fast to traditional values and voting no to policies that are leading to bankruptcy at home and defeat abroad. To believe, moreover, that the other half has turned its back forever on our national ideals and national greatness would be to sell them and America short.

It would also be selling short those of us who are willing to take the fight to the left to defend this country; it would be to give up on our ability to change minds with the power of our ideas.

What lies ahead is not only an opportunity to change the course on which we are headed but a solemn obligation to our children and to ourselves. We must educate more Americans about the threats to our liberty at home and abroad. That is what the Freedom Center has always done; it is not only our mission but our reason for being. It is what we intend to do—now more than ever.

To take one example of why this election is not a verdict on America: We are in the midst of a global war against Islamic fascism; our government has been penetrated by Islamists; our president has abetted the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in the Middle East and the spread of al-Qaeda terrorism in Libya, Mali, Syria and elsewhere.

Our ambassador in Benghazi has been murdered along with three heroic Americans who gave their lives defending our consulate but whom our government refused to deploy our military forces to save. Our president has surrendered Iraq to Iran and has passively abetted the mullahs in their pursuit of nuclear weapons. Yet none of these horrific events were issues in the election. Despite the fact that they are the key responsibility of the president who is our commander-in-chief.

The Center’s mission is to educate the American public in these realities, to school conservatives in the nature of the left and its plans for the American future.

Today is a time to think about what just happened to our country. But, more importantly, it is a time to renew the fight to save it. That fight is against a leftist media and educational system; against the socialist policies that seek to fundamentally transform our economy and political system; against the appeasement of our enemies and the weakening of our allies like the state of Israel; and the fight is against the Islamists and their progressive allies who wish to silence our free speech by reviving blasphemy laws and embargoing criticism of America’s enemies. These are the issues that face us and the ground on which we must fight.

We at the Freedom Center know the left too well to think that this fight will be easy. Today I received an email from someone describing himself as a “Pitchfork Patriot.” The note said: “I was wrong — not by that much. That is no consolation. Losing sucks. I am out of politics for awhile — Maybe a long while.” This is exactly the wrong attitude to take out of yesterday’s election. What kind of pitchfork patriot throws in the towel after an election in which half the country voted no to the policies that are leading us down the path to bankruptcy at home and defeat abroad? If George Washington’s troops had decided to take a break from the cause during the grim and losing years of the revolutionary war, would there have been an America at all?

Think of this moment as the middle of the war to save our country. The David Horowitz Freedom Center is ready to fight if you will continue to support us. Its mission of educating Americans to the nature of the enemy and the battle lines that have been drawn is more needed than ever. Please use the web site below to obtain information as to credit card donations.

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