You are invited to Jacob’s Bar Mitzvah

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 It is with great stress,

emotional and physical fatigue,

and incredible financial sacrifice beyond comprehension,
that we invite you to join us as our wonderful son


is called to the Torah as a Bar Mitzvah.

Saturday, May 12th – (yes we realize its Mother’s Day Weekend)

  Temple Israel
  14 Coleytown Road
  Westport, Connecticut 06880
at the ungodly hour of 9 a.m.

(Even though you don’t really

need to be there until 10:20 a.m.

to catch the real action.)

If you make it through the

3 hour service, 

 please skip the Kiddush,

(it´s just cookies and cake) 

and join us instead for the ostentatious evening meal

(Kosher, my husband´s idea). 

which starts at 7 PM,

(not 8 PM … or you will miss out

on the 2000 canapés).

Birchwood Country Club
25 Kings Hwy S
Westport , CT 06880

(which we had to join just for this event  and you would not believe the initiation fees)

Please have the courtesy of

showing up if you RSVP that you are
attending, or you will be billed for

$210.00 a plate if you are a

Please RSVP as soon as you get this and not the day before

the cut-off date.

I can’t take the stress.

The gift of choice is either green,

or contains a routing and

account number.   

Hope you can make it!

Lisa and David Miller

Dress: Black Tie optional
Theme: 007 James Bond
Kippot and Matching Eye Patch

will be provided 

 II Responses and Comments:

A clever caricature of an honest, uninvolved Jew just going through the motions of her religion – funny, but innocently pathetic, yet accurate in its portrayal of the true thinking of most Jews. The huge majority have no understanding of what their boys’ bar mitzvah should be all about and have no genuine understanding or respect for their own religion. They certainly have no emotional involvement and most likely, neither did their parents. And … that’s exactly why we and Israel are once again in a perilous situation whether most of us know it or not.

By the way, these are the same uninvolved, uninformed people who will reflexly vote for Barack Obama and his party and my G-d help us, the state of Israel and the United States of America, if he and they prevail.

Jerome S. Kaufman

On May 1, 2012, at 2:26 PM, Lynn wrote:

Completely agree with you.  I recently responded to a B’Nai Mitzvah invitation informing the family that I look forward to attending the service, but would be unable to attend the party.  They were extraordinarily appreciative that I would travel over an hour and a half “just for the service,” when I would not be able to go to the party.  In the politest possible way I told them that I wanted to be present for the most important part of the occasion and traveling that far was not a burden.  I don’t know if they “got it” but I tried.

As for the politics, Obama said the sound of the Muezzins calling Muslims to prayer is the most beautiful sound he has ever heard (or words to that effect).  The call he considers so magnificent translates to KILL THE JEWS.  I wonder if he knows the lyrics or just digs the melody.  We Jews are supposed to be so smart that we own all the banks and the media, etc.  So what the hell happened to our brains when it comes to marching in lockstep to vote for any and every Democrat who runs?  Not I; proud to be an independent with an independent mind.



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